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37 Years of Experience

Years of experience

In Real Estate Development

Founded in 1986, by the ever committed and reverent entrepreneur Mr. V Jagannathan. Ramaniyam Real Estates is one of Chennai's leading real estate developers, known best for an uncompromising passion for detail, and punctuality. Famed for our Joint Ventures, and Housing Board Re-Development projects.
We are proud to have created relationships not only with our team but also with our clients that have spanned three decades and continue further. Thanks to our expertise in customising our apartments to suit each clients' needs specially.
37 Years of Experience
Ranging over residential and commercial buildings and expanding into education, and hospitality with an eye set towards further development into health care along with a keen passion for working towards protecting the environment with eco-friendly ventures; Ramaniyam hopes to continue this legacy for many generations to come.
Jagannathan, the founder of Ramaniyam began this journey with nothing but passion, good luck and the blessings of many. His work ethic, drive and eye for detail has been an inspiration to one and all. Jagannathan’s large stature is surpassed by his even larger heart, which has served as the perfect foundation for the Ramaniyam family to be built upon.

Jagannathan Founded Ramaniyam on 24th August 1986


Karunanidhi, fondly known as Karuna to all, is the first ever employee of Ramaniyam. He learned construction on the job and has gained so much knowledge over the years that he can now execute a few lakh sq. ft. with ease. Always cheerful and has a great affection for plants and agriculture. Don't be fooled by his short stature, his buildings stand mighty tall.

Karunanidhi K Joined the Ramaniyam family on 17th June, 1987

Karunanidhi K

Chandru has been the liaison between Ramaniyam and all government officials and offices since '88. His straightforward approach and trustworthiness has earned him a great reputation. His tenure of over 30 years in this role has allowed him to create strong bonds, on behalf of the Ramaniyam family, with many officials.

Chandru M Joined the Ramaniyam family on 20th January, 1988

Chandru M

Arasu manages budgeting, estimation and coordination of all Ramaniyam projects. A straightforward, sincere man who has been dedicated to Ramaniyam for over 30 years. He has also brought the next generation into the company with his son who has also joined Ramaniyam.

Arasu A Joined the Ramaniyam family on 12th June, 1989

Arasu A

Ravichandran, affectionately known as Ravi is always beaming with a bright smile. He is known to set the benchmark for perfection. His USP is delivering impeccable finishing and this has been an inspiration for all his contemporaries to deliver the same.

Ravichandran CS Joined the Ramaniyam family on 15th July, 1989

Ravichandran CS

Babu, our head of sales is a dedicated and committed man. He is known to be available 24/7 and as a man who thinks with his heart. The management counts on him for special targets to be delivered and his team counts on him for support, guidance and inspiration to achieve these targets with ease.

Babu H Joined the Ramaniyam family on 20th August, 1989

Babu H

Dilip is a true genius who does not exhibit his brilliance in the least. A calm and collected man but a strict follower of rules and regulations, proving he knows of both structural integrity and genuine integrity as well. Nearly all of Ramaniyams' buildings, over the years, stand tall because of his structural design.

Dilipraj PV Joined the Ramaniyam family on 18th January, 1991

Dilipraj PV

The human form of the Yellow Pages, Sridhar, has the most remarkable memory. He also has an amazing ability to connect with at least three generations of customers, with a sense of humour that is enjoyed by one and all. He has been instrumental in the making of Ramaniyam by handling most TNHB Re-Development projects.

Sridhar N Joined the Ramaniyam family on 24th January, 1994

Sridhar N

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